The Services offered by AXIOM cover all aspects of a customer submarine system project, from conceptual phase and designing to implementation, operation, maintenance and upgrades.

AXIOM Team is composed of experts with Purchasers and Suppliers backgrounds. Our expertise is combined with a pragmatic approach based on extensive experience.

AXIOM in-house skills encompass all fields required to exceed the expected services to turn the Customer project into a success.


General Studies & Business Case

AXIOM performs detailed studies (market entry, technical & economical) with its in-house parametric Business Model (BM) ” developed by the team members based on their extensive experience with operators and in telco’s business ” at the heart of it so as to support, fine tune and trigger investment decisions. The BM developed by AXIOM addresses the capacity demand analysis, the telecom infrastructure optimal-design and dimensioning, and enables full sensitivity analysis for most parameters.

With AXIOM’s experienced eyes, we are in position to provide a detailed business case analysis and recommend structures best adapted to finance and operate the project, along for strategies regarding capacity pricing and system operation.


Desk Top Study (DTS)

The primary objectives of the DTS are to develop a pre-survey cable route for the sea sections of the Submarine Cable system and to enable technical and economic viability to be evaluated as well as identifying preliminary cable route engineering and defining construction parameters, cable system further operability and subsequent maintenance arrangements of the installed undersea cable system.

The DTS undertaken by AXIOM will also comprise the identification of all permits, licences and other regulatory requirements necessary to survey the route, to install the cable and for the cable to remain in situ along the proposed route. The study shall document the procedure required to get the relevant permits granted.

Promote and Structure the project

AXIOM assist his Clients in looking for potential co-investors, partners and customers, and the writing of subsequent partnership documents such as Memorandum of Understanding, Memorandum of Agreement, Cooperative Agreement, etc.

We can also help the Clients establish the fund raising strategy and secure financing through different schemes (equity & debt, pre-sales).

AXIOM has acquired a wide experience in building up the suitable investment structure (Consortium, Ad-hoc company) and drawing up the base documents detailing the rules for an effective management of the System procurement, construction and operation (typically a Construction & Maintenance Agreement).


Paper project to Contract

Beyond the finalization of the overall system design & detailed architecture, AXIOM has a great knowledge and practice of writing and issuing systems RFQ (GTC, Technical Specification incl. O&M) which is the first step towards the supply contract signing. We are used to handle the technical and commercial dialogues with the bidders, the clarification meetings, the assessment process and eventually the negotiation and contracting stages with the selected vendor.


Project Management

AXIOM has a solid and invaluable experience as well as a vast successful track record in the management of projects.

AXIOM unique range of expertise covers all aspects of the projects: commercial, financial, technical, marine, system commissioning and quality audit & inspection.

During the execution of the contract, we are vigilant to the Supplier’s adherence to the contract requirements and make sure the systems budget and schedule are kept under control. The approach followed by AXIOM will assure the delivery of the project to the Customer satisfaction and the highest standard in quality.


Operation and Maintenance

AXIOM offers services that help his Client operate and maintain his system once Ready For Service is achieved. The services range from fine-tuning the maintenance & repair strategies (spares level, testing), defining the O&M procedures (routine, curative and corrective) to the assistance in contracting/implementing/supervising the maintenance solutions (warranty, after-sales, and marine maintenance agreement).

Additionally AXIOM can propose remote technical support and hotline service to help the Customer diagnose and troubleshoot problems encountered, especially in case of cable fault.


System Upgrade

With its proven technical expertise, its technology watch state of mind and given its continual relationship with most of the suppliers, AXIOM can evaluate the network capacity upgrade opportunity the latest technologies can provide.

AXIOM has a unique experience in the procurement and realization of capacity upgrades on large submarine systems carrying traffic which requires a careful management of the implementation.