Axiom has been set up in 1999 by five experts in the submarine cable systems. Initially, Axiom’s team was composed of the 5 shareholders. Each founder was already highly experienced in this business, either as carrier or as supplier.

At that time, it appeared to most carriers that building up and maintaining competent teams to construct submarine system was a waste of time and money, since constructions happened once or twice every decade for some and carrier’s carrier were an adequate solution to procure capacity to others. Consequently, less and less carriers kept in-house submarine building teams, especially as maintaining the know-how with scarce project construction becomes difficult in a fast-evolving technology environment. However, outsourcing such competence upon need to properly fulfill these occasional events could made sense to carriers.

Axiom has been created according to the above founding team’s key vision that these network-builder skills had to be combined into an independent centre of excellence available to all carriers, just like an architect firm. Thus, maintaining such a level of skills, experience and independence is fundamental to the company. To do so, Axiom is constantly involved in construction of submarine systems. Along time, other well-known figures of the industry joined Axiom’s team. Nowadays, the permanent team is made up of 10 people, supported by half a dozen specialist contractors.

Considered as a corner stone, Axiom’s executive management has been holding and still holds 100% of the company’s shares, thus allowing it to be totally independent from the different market players.

In 2011, Axiom has become a SAS (Société par Actions Simplifiée).